How does YouTube view views?


How does YouTube view views?

Nobody really knows exactly how views on YouTube are counted. But practice shows that one click on a video is not always equal to one view.

Assessment factors

Before counting the view, YouTube evaluates the following factors:

1 How the video is played

The video can be played at the command of the viewer or automatically. YouTube will count the view if a person clicks on the video in the list of recommendations, search results, on a third-party site or on the author’s channel. You can buy real youtube views on

When the movie is automatically uploaded, viewing will not count. Therefore, even if the viewer went to the channel, watched one video, and then the next automatically loaded, then watching the second video will not be counted.

2 Percentage of video viewing

The algorithm analyzes what percentage of the video the viewer watched. This indicator is kept secret. According to observations, the minimum time at which viewing is counted is 5-10 seconds. That is, if the viewer clicks on the video and after 1-2 seconds switches to another video, then the viewing will not be counted.

3 Lookability

For YouTube, this figure is 50% on PCs and mobile devices. View counts if the video occupies half or more of the device’s screen. Even if the video is played to the end, but the viewer at that time was reading comments somewhere at the bottom of the page, viewing would not be counted.

4 Platform

If the video was viewed through an embedded player (for example, on a forum or website) or a mobile application, then the viewing will be counted. An important condition is that auto sound playback must be enabled.

View counts if all four conditions are met. At the same time, YouTube monitors the IP addresses of viewers. If the video was viewed several times a day from one IP address, the system will only count one view. So video hosting fights with cheating.

View Counter Operation Algorithm
Bloggers monitor video views. This helps the viewing counter, which is located under the video. But sometimes the work of the counter confuses the authors, because the number of views is not always displayed in real time.

The network has information about the function «301 or more views.» She devoted a lot of articles and videos. But the fact is that she has not been working for 3 years.

The cancellation of the function “301 or more views” became a key change in the operation of the counter. The algorithm of the counter until 2015:

up to 301 views. Each click on the clip counted as a viewer. Then, after 1-2 days, YouTube checked and subtracted invalid views that were wound by programs, bots, or by the author of the video. Such a verification algorithm was observed until the video gained 301 views;
301 views. When the counter showed 301 views, YouTube froze it until the actual number of views reached the mark of 301. The author could receive up-to-date data and monitor statistics through Video Analytics;
more than 301 views. After this mark, YouTube changed the algorithm for counting views. From that moment on, the counter stopped displaying each view, and was updated every 2-3 days and displayed only recorded views. Video analytics helped keep track of real-world dynamics. The counter often showed a smaller digit until it was updated.
YouTube updated the counter in order to display statistics of views in real time. Now the counters do not freeze at the “301+” mark, and the system immediately counts the views and displays them. But their number can still decrease over time — as YouTube filters out invalid views.

What YouTube views do not count
The number of views is an important indicator that YouTube takes into account when ranking videos. Channel creators do not always increase video views in honest ways. To ensure that the number on the counter is not artificially wound, YouTube regularly updates the algorithm of work.

YouTube will not count your viewing if:

The author used cheating. You cannot use the services of online services and desktop programs that artificially increase views on YouTube. Such actions violate the principles of the community and lead to the pessimization of the channel.
The viewer watched the video by accident. Community rules prohibit authors from posting false interface elements on pages of third-party sites, setting up redirects to a video page and placing pop-ups in a browser.
If the author uses one of the above methods, then he not only does not increase views, but also brings his channel under sanctions. The consequences can be different: lowering the video in the ranking, withdrawing from monetization, blocking the video or the entire channel.

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